Happy Veterans Day!!

Berkeley's Run is so proud of our veterans.  We want to take today to give an extra shout out to all those who serve our country.  We especially want to highlight the Companions for Heroes program which pairs rescue dogs with soldiers suffering from PTSD.  The founders story is incredible and can be found here: Dave's Story. It's definitely worth the read, but for those on a time crunch, here is the edited version: After returning from a deployment in Iraq, Dave Sharp, a member of the U.S Air Force Security Forces, began suffering fro Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. It got so bad that he would punch holes through walls, wake up screaming from nightmares and act randomly violent towards household items. He felt that he couldn't share his feelings with anyone and the symptoms continued to progress.  Eventually, Sharp visited a pit bull rescue and adopted Cheyenne, a pit bull puppy.  The next time he had an outburst, Sharp noticed Cheyenne looking at him as if to ask what he was doing. He broke down and told her things that he had never been able to talk about before without feeling judged.  Afterward, he realized that he felt a thousand times better than he had previously.  After that day, his rages lessened and Cheyenne started helping him to heal from the PTSD. 

This prompted him to begin the Companions For Heroes.  If a rescue puppy could help him with PTSD, then other dogs might be able to help other soldiers.  And so the company was born. 

At Berkeley's Run, we have been incredibly inspired by Dave Sharp's story and his non-profit.  We wanted to share his inspiring story and reinforce the idea that one person can make a difference in both people and in dogs.

Cheers to both our veterans and the dogs that they use.