Definition of Berkeley: Loyal, Gentle, Smart, Adapting, and Snugly…Just to name a few.

From the moment I rescued her at 10 weeks, to the end of her wonderful life at 14-years-old, Berkeley captured my heart the second I laid eyes on her.

Berk pic  2.JPG
Berk pic 6.JPG

I first spotted her huddled up in a corner of a run-down building in Berkeley County, West Virginia.  She was a tiny, helpless, little black ball of fur.  Although I was just visiting the area, I knew this little puppy would be road-tripping back to Wisconsin with me.  And she did.  But our adventures did not stop there.

Over the course of the next 14- years, Berkeley and I traveled all over the country, living in multiple states and embarking on many journeys.  She was by my side when I met my husband (thankfully, she approved), and was immediately devoted to each of our children from the second we brought them home from the hospital.  From sleeping outside their bedroom doors, to sharing many special moments with them, Berkeley was as faithful as they come.

Berk Pic 19.jpg

I love ALL my dogs very much, but Berkeley will always hold a special place in my heart.  She was my rock when I needed one and my best friend until the end.  I know we will meet again someday, so until then I will honor and celebrate her life through…Berkeley’s Run.